PUBG and Forced Post-Processing

With the recent September update came a minor setback. A lot of players are complaining about the forced post-processing. Previously players were able to turn post-processing off or even manage post processing through programs like “ReShade”. Post-processing is essentially when the game renders the image you are going to display on your screen, and then adjusts the lighting / shadows / quality of that image and then display’s it. It is a basic way of improving the look of the game at the cost of the users frames per second (enable your steam FPS tracker).

A lot of users are reporting there are major fps drops and they believe it is due to PUBG’s recent addition of post-processing. You will notice the impact of post-processing the most when you are in large cities like Polyana, Pochinki, and Georgepool. However, in smaller – less populated places you will hardly notice the performance decrease.

Post-processing is also causing an issue with the red dot. If you’ve attached a red dot attachment to on of your guns, looked down the sights, and then noticed the red dot flicker from a transparent red dot to a solid black dot, this is a setback of post processing. The game is trying to improve the quality of the red light put off by the dot, but failing to do so because of the transparency and in turn just returning black pixels.

Another side effect of post-processing is the “slow-mo blur”. When you make somewhat sharp turns left or right to look around, you may notice things blur temporarily. The blur caused by post-processing is causing some players to feel sick, almost as if you were wearing a pair of glasses that weren’t your prescription. There also appears to be a “blur” weapon when you are running.

Bluehole released an official response saying:

We’re having internal discussions regarding this change and are reviewing player feedback. Thank you for all of your valuable feedback.

There currently is no option to avoid it. If you are getting major FPS drops we recommend putting your “post-processing” on “very low” in the settings menu.

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