BattlEye Banning Players Left & Right | Over 150,000 People Banned So Far

BattlEye is the software that many PC games use to try and combat cheating. BattlEye is a light weight software installed on both the client and server side of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Recently it was announced that PUBG has banned over 150,000 players, and is banning roughly 8,000 accounts per day. With over 150,000 cheaters, that meants about 1.5% of all PUBG copies sold, were sold to cheaters. When an account gets banned on PUBG, the account is banned for life. The only way to play the game again is to make a new account, and repurchase the game. Doing the math, PUBG has made roughly $20 million off cheaters alone. The actual range may very because of different sales prices, taxes, and other fees per region.

This 150,000 ban count does not include stream snipers, those bans normally only last 5-7 days, whereas these bans are permanent.

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