Boost FPS in PUBG With Override High DPI Scale

If you are looking to boost your FPS in PUBG and have tried every method available to no avail, you may be in luck. This new method has been discovered on 9/21/2017 and so far his gotten quite the applause. By doing the DPI scale trick below, players have reported getting over an additional 20-30 frames per second.

Boost FPS by Overriding High DPI Scale:

  1. Head to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64
  2. Right click to properties on “TslGame”
  3. Navigate to Compatibility -> check the “override high DPI scaling behavior” box, and hit “OK”. (Application from drop-down menu)
  4. Restart your game if necessary.

What is DPI Scaling?

When you have a high DPI Screen (high resolution to screen size ratio) , you can enable an option in Windows called “DPI Scaling”. This will tell apps that they should scale everything up to look bigger on screen.

Some apps are not programmed to support this and therefore Windows will scale them up. They will be drawn offscreen and scaled up like a picture. This makes them look unsharp, but that is not the point.

With the options in the file properties, you can tell Windows to either let the app handle the scaling or force Windows scaling, etc. If the app doesn’t support it, it may look really small depending on your scaling setting.


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