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Videos regarding PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


Comparing Savage to Fornite Map

PUBG’s newest map stems from the rising popularity of the fast pace rival, Fortnite. In Fortnite the map is smaller, making it seem like there is more loot and more combat. To combat this,...


Summit1G Double Back Flip in Buggy

Driving buggies in PUBG is pretty crazy, and sometimes hitting the smallest bumps can completely halt your movement, or send you flying in the air. The latter happened to Summit1G as he was sent...


Shroud 2 Kills 1 Shotgun Shot

Getting kills with the 2 shot S686 shotgun in PUBG is difficult enough for the casual player, but getting 2 kills with one shot easy enough for one of the games top players. Shroud...


Shroud PUBG Settings

Shroud has quickly become the most popular PUBG streamer since retiring from professional CS:GO. Most of the time Shroud brings in over 15,000 concurrent viewers and currently has over 30,000 Twitch subscribers. With the...


PUBG AFK Chicken Dinner

Winning a game of PUBG is hard enough, now how about winning while you are away from your keyboard? Damn near impossible. This player says that he started up a game and after just...