Comparing PUBG New Map vs Old Map (Erangel vs. Mirimar)

After taking a look at the new desert mini map that was leaked earlier this week, we came to the conclusion that it had less points of interest. However, after comparing side by side pictures of the current map “Erangle” and the new desert map it looks like they are pretty similar.

Points of Interest: (Buildings / Loot areas) On the map above, you will notice that the circles on both maps, are points of interest on the new map. The only major difference we notice is that military base is now more north on the map, and not separated by water. Of course on the new map it isn’t called military base, it’s called hard luck.

Geography: The new map appears to be dry and dusty. Where as the old map has grass, trees, and water. It’s unknown if the new map will have trees people can run behind while getting shot, or if they will have to find a rock or maybe even cactus (no proof these are in the new map). Another major difference is that there doesn’t appear to be any water on the new map. Without water, we wont be needing the bridges and boats that separate some of the more popular areas and result in some of the wacky safe zones. However, on the new map there are solid dark lines separating some of the cities. With the new player movement “Vaulting” coming out where you can scale walls, we believe those might be cliffs that users will need to climb. These cliffs will more than likely replace the water that surrounds and separates the points of interest.

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