How to Enable PUBG FPS Counter

By default, there is no FPS counter in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, in fact there aren’t any steam games that display FPS right off the bat. FPS stands for Frames Per Second, or how often a picture is put on to your screen. Higher FPS usually results in smoother game play. However, just because you have 200 FPS doesn’t mean your monitor can produce 500 FPS, therefor you may be overworking your computer. Please make sure to check your monitor, most monitors are either 60hz, or 144hz, 60hz can display 60 FPS smoothly (above that isn’t pointless, but not necessary), and 144hz monitors can display 144 FPS. 

In this quick little guide we will show you how to enable your FPS counter so you can tell if the changes you are making are improving or lowering your FPS. There are many FPS counters out there, some of them are really lightweight while others eat a bunch of resources. The one we are going to be showing you is the one that is built into the Steam overlay.

  1. Go to Steam Menu > Settings
  2. Go to In-Game Panel
  3. Click on the In-Game FPS counter menu. The default option is off, change that to the location you want it to display
  4. (Optional) You can also choose to display the FPS counter in a high contrast, more visible color

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  1. September 15, 2017

    […] With the recent September update came a minor setback. A lot of players are complaining about the forced post-processing. Post-processing is essentially when the game renders the image you are going to display on your screen, and then adjusts the lighting / shadows / quality of that image and then display’s it. It is a basic way of improving the look of the game at the cost of the users frames per second (enable your steam FPS tracker). […]

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