How to Get Out of a Moving Car Without Taking Damage

Getting out of a car in PUBG while it’s moving normally will cause you major damage, or maybe even kill you. With this trick you are able to take very little damage, or maybe no damage at all. It all depends on how fast you are moving, and how good your timing is. This trick doesn’t need to be done on a house specifically, but requires a stationary object on the map. You can use it against buildings, certain rocks, other cars, and any type of wall.

To do the glitch / trick:

You obviously need a vehicle to do this glitch so get a vehicle.

Next, decide which object you are going to do it on – works best on buildings like in the clip below.

Start driving at the object at a decent speed, the faster you are going the more damage you are going to take. Either way it should be very minimal damage.

Once you are close enough to the object, press your eject button so that your body skids into the wall. The trick is to make sure the car doesn’t hit the wall, and that you are still close enough to the building so that your body hits the wall.

What the glitch looks like:

The above video was created by Reddit user: /u/Le_Blizz

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