Shroud PUBG Settings

Shroud has quickly become the most popular PUBG streamer since retiring from professional CS:GO. Most of the time Shroud brings in over 15,000 concurrent viewers and currently has over 30,000 Twitch subscribers. With the popularity many users have been asking for his game settings to copy. Here is a view of all of his settings, including the clip in which he revealed them:

Graphics Settings:

Screen ModeFullscreen
Equipment HUDOn
Weapon Slot HUDOn
Colorblind TypeTritanopia
Screen Scale100
Post-ProcessingVery Low
ShadowsVery Low
EffectsVery Low
FoilageVery Low
View DistanceVery Low
Motion BlurUnchecked

Mouse Sensitivity Settings:

Invert MouseUnchecked
General Sensitivity55
VehicleDriver Sensitivity55
Targeting Sensitivity55
Scoping Sensitivity50
Scope2X Sensitivity50
Scope4X Sensitivity50
Scope8X Sensitivity47
Scope15X Sensitivity42

Twitch Clip of Shroud Settings:

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